Watch out! Bryce Menzies hitting the Dakar with BFGoodrich®

Bryce Menzies, the famous 30-year-old American racer, will be contesting the Dakar for the first time this year with BFGoodrich® as a faithful partner. We delved into the fast track world of this very gifted contender who is never satisfied with anything except the best…and we loved it.

A versatile champion

Bryce Menzies has been a BFGoodrich® brand ambassador for ages. But putting words on Bryce’s profile as a racer can be quite unsettling somehow. The rookie driver seems to be driving anything on wheels, in all conditions, on the ground and even in the air. Actually, versatility would be the right word…The experienced young champion is indeed capable of pulling off podiums in any category be it with his car or Trophy Truck. Striving for excellence is definitely what characterizes him: “Every time I put my helmet on, I push 110% and never settle for anything less.” It is with this winning spirit that he is gearing up for the 2018 Dakar.

2018 will be his year…

Bryce has driven in many off-road races and he knows his stuff about deserts and challenging terrains. However, it will be a first at the Dakar. Motivation to perform has been building up since last year when he was forced to cancel his participation following an accident while breaking the truck jump world record. Fully healed he is confidently looking forward to his debut in the pinnacle of rally-raid. An unforgettable landmark in the curriculum of any professional racer. A challenge that he will take on fully prepared. “I have learned a tremendous amount about off-road racing to help me be competitive in the Dakar. But Baja is usually one day, the Dakar lasts 15. That makes a big difference”.

Putting in the work to be ready

In the run up to January 2018, Bryce is seriously training to be in top form physically, technically and mentally. Abu Dhabi, Baja Italy, Baja Hungary, Silkway, OiLibya Rallye of Morocco…he is “racing every week to stay in shape, body and mind”. In a few weeks, the intrepid driver will be pushing himself to the limit to conquer any obstacle lying on his path. From “navigating to crashing, high altitude and endurance”, it will be about his technical capabilities but also about his will power. That’s no problem!  

Cutting-edge equipment

Bryce will be driving one of the 3 brand new Mini from the X-raid team equipped with the also brand new BFGoodrich® All terrain T/A KDR2+ versatile tires. A perfect match with the guy! Since his very first race, the American driver has remained true to BFGoodrich®, his first partner and sponsor. “The first time I raced on BFGoodrich® tires, I knew they were the tires for me. They consistently push performance and the brand makes me feel part of the family. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

When asked about his objective, Bryce says it is to finish the race; but he does admit that he and his team would love to be on the podium with the new car. Not surprising for a world record breaker, right? Sure he will get us a blast of his #driverenough energy! 

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