Stéphane Peterhansel: I just want to enjoy the nice things

After contemplating his options for a long time, Stéphane Peterhansel took the plunge and signed up for what will be his 31st Dakar. The most successful competitor in the history of the rally, with six victories on a motorbike and seven in a car, has returned to Mini. Peter, driving with David Castera at his side, just wants to race for fun and with no pressure.It took me several months to make up my mind, but in the end my craving for adrenaline prevailed. I'm back with Mini. Carlos Sainz, Cyril Despres, Nani Roma and I know one another well and have a good vibe going on. I have nothing to prove, I just want to enjoy the nice things and have fun. Being relaxed and professional at the same time is a good combination. We've got a decent car, it's still a bit green, but fast and fun to drive.