Nicolas Cavigliasso: I got out of the right side of bed

The Argentinean rider, who finished 2nd on the Dakar 2018, has taken control of the rally at the end of the first stage by beating his countryman Jeremías González Ferioli, who was his closest pursuer last year in the general standings. A new duel is underway.I’m very happy to have finished this first special and to come back and take part in my 2nd Dakar. I was last to set off and I’ve finished first, so that gives me plenty of confidence. I got out of the right side of bed this morning – I felt good on the quad, but there are still plenty of days of racing left, so I have to remain focused. I’ve been riding all year with Jeremías. We know each other very well so I know that he is very fast. The race is going to get more intense, but already having a lead of a few minutes after just one stage is very good.