Adrien Van Beveren: I'm right where I want to be

The Yamaha leader, one of the big favourites to win the motorbike race in the 41st edition of the rally, is aching to start his fourth Dakar. A year ago, he crashed out of the competition just as he was taking control of the race, but the French rider has digested the experience and learnt from it.It's just the scrutineering, but it already feels like the Dakar. Being here in top shape is already a victory. I'm so psyched-up to start racing that I should really calm down a bit. I'll have to stay focused stage after stage, kilometre after kilometre. I took the time to enjoy Lima these last few days because it was the only rest I was going to get. I kept training until I left France, even though I took it down a notch. It's nice to be one of the favourites, I see it as something positive. That's what I work for, so if people think I'm in with a shot, it means I'm right where I want to be. It fills me with confidence, although I was already quite sanguine even before all these nice words. I know I've given it my all and, no matter how it goes out there, I'll have no regrets. What happened last year was tough, but I turned it around in my favour.