Sergio Samaniego is the winner of the BFGoodrich Good Project Dakar Edition. After years being on the road, he will finally be able to live his ultimate dream with BFGoodrich: competing in the 2019 Dakar! Before the big adventure, he shared with us his mood and some of his thoughts…

“ As soon as I’ve learnt I was chosen as the big winner of BFGoodrich Good Project Dakar Edition, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was, for me, the proof that every single effort I’ve made, throughout all these years, was rewarded.
For Dakar 2019, we are hardly getting prepared and making sure that everything is ready on time and that we don’t miss anything at this point. I am not in a point where I feel completely confident as we are mostly concerned having the equipment on point. We make sure, my team and I, to get mentally and physically prepared by starting a diet in order to reduce weight and eat healthier – which might be the most difficult task as Peru is a gastronomic paradise with delicious dishes. We try as well, to drive as much as possible, leading caravans for more than 15 days, organizing the group and solving situations. Moreover, we put ourselves into effort by multiplying activities such as hiking, rowing, cycling and gym.
We got prepared by running in a National Rally in Huacho, however, it was the last run as we need to prepare the vehicle for the Dakar 2019. We will, on the other hand, continue to train on dunes to get fully prepared and think of all the possibilities that could happen on the race. Even though I’ve got prepared all my life in the Peruvian dunes, it won’t be that easy as they are permanently changing, the temperature will be high in January and the sand usually becomes very loose.
I am always comfortable with the type of roads found in the Peruvian promenade and even more with BFGoodrich All Terrain tires as they help me a lot in every different fields. However, we will still be cautious and highly prepared as we want to finish the Dakar!”
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