The Dakar Chronicles Cristina Gutiérrez, a girl on the Dakar

We catch up with Cristina Gutiérrez as she lines up the Dakar Rally in her sights... A new and exciting challenge for the youngest girl on the race!

Men are over-represented here at Dakar; does it make it more challenging for you?

Despite being only 25 years old, I feel confident and ready to confront the biggest challenge in my life: The Dakar Rally. It is true that there aren't many women in this field, which is why I feel proud to represent a sector that is building strength and gaining more and more international recognition.

Why did you decide to participate in the Dakar? Tell us about your experience in rally races?

I have been passionate about rally driving since I was 4-years-old and I am excited to learn and improve my skills in any vehicle I drive. When I turned 18, I started to compete in Rally Raids until today. I have competed in more than 50 races in total in Spain and worldwide.

Without a shadow of a doubt my dream has always been to take part in the Dakar Rally, and this year, I finally made it thanks to the support I received. I am so delighted. 

BFGoodrich® is one of your sponsors. How important are tires in a race like the Dakar?

It's amazing to think that such a historical brand like BFGoodrich® has sponsored me and is supporting me in this project. I can't thank them enough for believing in me.

BFGoodrich® is a brand that has sponsored the best pilots in the world and this makes me feel so proud to be able to represent and drive on such a high-quality product.

It's important to have specialist tires that won't give us any trouble in Dakar. Having punctures can damage the car and waste time in the competition. I trust that BFGoodrich® engineering will overcome the extreme temperatures, surfaces and hard conditions that we will face, which is the most important thing to me.

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