Anything is possible with BFGoodrich®!

Philippe Croizon, the first driver with neither arms nor legs to contest the Dakar Rally, was 54th overall at the halfway mark in La Paz. He has every intention of reaching next weekend’s finish in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Philippe Croizon has a cross-Channel swim to his name. He has also swum between all five continents and, this year, he has taken on the challenge of contesting the Dakar Rally, on BFGoodrich® tyres.

A long-time motorsport fan, he has experience of circuit racing, but the Dakar has always been his objective. “I decided to take part in this year’s Dakar 18 months ago,” he says. “The technology existed to convert a Nissan V6-powered buggy. I push with my artificial right arm to accelerate and pull to brake. I use the same arm to steer. My left arm operates a joystick which allows me to change gear, and also activate the head lights, indicators and windscreen wipers. There’s a switch to override these hydro-electric systems so that my co-driver can take over on road sections.

“To be honest, it’s been harder than I was expecting. It was so hot to begin with, then we had an alternator failure and had to be towed on Day 3. We didn’t reach the bivouac until three in the morning. We were drained. We’re still running, though, and some of that is thanks to our BFGoodrich® tyres. They go anywhere!

“In life, anything is possible. It’s only people who decide that something is impossible. One day, I want to be the first person without arms or legs to travel to the moon!”

See you in Buenos Aires, Philippe, and hopefully back on next year’s Dakar in a more powerful car!

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