The new BFGoodrich® KDR2+ tire. The Plus that makes the difference

After last year’s success at the 2017 Dakar Rally, BFGoodrich® is gearing up for the 40th edition with a new tire, the BFGoodrich® KDR2+ tire. Upgrading its predecessor with improved technology and versatility, this new tire, available for both two-wheel and four-wheel drive, will be a real PLUS to face the always gruelling conditions of the rally raid marathon.

Tires. There are four of them on a car. That’s a fact. But everything is done by the BFGoodrich® teams so that drivers can forget them and focus only on their driving. That’s a challenge. One that BFGoodrich® has always taken on with success. “A good tire is one that you do not need to worry about so that you can dedicate all your attention and energy to the technical performance of navigation”, says Matt Hanlon, Senior Product Development Engineer at BFGoodrich®. The BFGoodrich® KDR2+ tire, developed specifically for the Dakar and first tire for both two-wheel and four-wheel drive, goes one step further in enhancing racers’ driving performance and experience.

A tire “for everybody” and in all conditions

Since the 2017 Dakar, BFGoodrich® engineers have been working on this concept of a “tire for everybody…one that brings a performance gain on four-wheel drive without sacrificing wear”. The main challenge has been to find the best fit for the rules in each class and for the terrain they are being driven on.

Check, challenge taken on.

One common tread pattern, two sizes of tires adapted to each category*. The new BFGoodrich® KDR2+ tire combines all the performance technology of the previous KDR models with innovative pluses. It is designed for improved mud performance without losing its overall versatility, and adapts to a setting that changes on a daily basis and where any error can be costly. Improved grip, better isolation for greater driving comfort, enhanced robustness…the technology put into the BFGoodrich® KDR2+ tire strikes the balance between performance and durability.

Team up for performance

This tire is a story of great collaboration. From aviation, to agriculture, mining, circuit racing, stage rally racing, military and truck experts, BF Goodrich® drew on the expertise of a squad of specialists to design the tires that will quell the unpredictability of the Dakar Rally routes. Throughout the whole tire development process, from design to testing, BFGoodrich® worked hand in hand with Peugeot Sport, X-Raid, Toyota Overdrive and Toyota Gazoo Racing to deliver a global tire adapted to their needs.

Tried and tested around the globe

Testing is a key part of tire development. And one of the most tricky. Challenging indeed to find the perfect setting around the corner when you need wild empty spaces to run the tests! Top-notch testing programmes for the BFGoodrich® KDR2+ tire have thus been put together to match real life conditions and ensure consistency between each round of testing. Since April 2017, the teams have been traveling around the world to various deserted places such as spots in the US Desert, Southern America, China, Russia or Hungary.

But, testing wise, nothing compares to the muddy, rugged and unpredictable terrains of the Dakar Rally! BFGoodrich® engineers always stay on the go during the race to pick the drivers’ brains on technical improvement and innovation needs. This " hard-learnt know how" then migrates from BFGoodrich® competition tires to consumer models.

This year, the competition will be tough as ever. With two-wheel and four-wheel drive of the three race teams on equal footing for the first time, we can expect the contenders of the extreme to push their limits even further for victory. BFGoodrich® KDR2+ tires will definitely give a great boost to the Dakar. So open your eyes for the “Plus” to hit the terrains of South America on January 6, 2018!

*There are actually 4 sizes, we also have a 35x12.50R15 and a 35x12.50R17. The 15in will only be used in the US market but the 17in will be used on some Spec Buggies in Europe.

Discover this new tire in video or through the press release

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