Dinner with Walcher Racing Team

Markus Walcher, winner of the Good Project Dakar operation, and his team Walcher Racing Team attended pre-Dakar scrutineering in Lima, Peru, on Wednesday (January 3). Everyone was decked out in their smart grey team gear which incorporates BFGoodrich® branding on the chest. Markus, his co-driver Tobias Henschel, his trusty, good-humoured ‘Mister Fix-it’ Andreas Greb, Dave Marsh, a mechanic, and the squad’s coordinator Gerhard were summoned to the mandatory administrative and technical checks at the Las Palmas army base near the Peruvian capital at 6:30pm local time.

There were broad smiles all round when they successfully completed the process three hours later, with no apparent stress; just a clearly visible bond between them. It was a pleasure to share a couple of beers with them afterwards during dinner at the La Carreta restaurant in Lima’s San Isidro district. The five Germans are built like bodyguards and always ready for a laugh. Are there any women in the team? “No. We all need to stay totally focused on our goal. We all have to share the same spirit and passion and want the same thing.”

Everyone’s roles are clearly defined, with three common denominators:

1) We’re here to have fun,

2) We’re here to do our best,

3) If there’s a problem, see Point 2!

The squad has obviously taken onboard the advice of coach Nani Roma who advised them never to think beyond the present moment in time. “Take things one day at a time,” he told us, “and don’t worry about a problem that hasn’t arisen (yet).”

The team will attend the Rookies’ briefing on January 4.

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