Backstage of Markus Walcher’s Dakar

Markus Walcher is now back to reality. His mind and body full of beautiful sandy, muddy, dusty and thrilling memories. We delved into his world to get his gut feeling on his first - but undoubtly many to come - Dakar. A great moment with the rookie driver who delighted us with his utmost #driver enough spirit.

What was your state of mind during the race?

We lived the Dakar day by day. We got up, raced and went to bed without thinking about the final result. We lived each moment fully with the aim of finishing each stage, and then the next. Of course, we were extremely disappointed to have to give up following the failure of our wildcat engine.


Your best moment?

That’s hard! Well, in terms of racing, I would say maybe the most impressive thing we encountered were the huge dunes during stage 2. It was a first for me. There was a lot of adrenaline in the cockpit.

Overall, we experienced some wonderful moments of solidarity. Especially on day 4, when we had our first engine problem. We got a lot of help from everyone to fix the car, even from the professional teams. A German team towed us, everyone in the camp tried to find a solution, the Mini X Raid mechanics helped us with a specific welding machine…

Your main challenge as a driver?

Concentration. You must stay focused all the time on any stone, hole, irregularity. It is very demanding for your body and mind. Dunes also severely tested our nerves. Everyone said they were incredibly difficult and hard to “read” with some of them reaching 600 meters high. It is all about beat, power, air pressure in the tires and constant adaptation.

And what about your… BFGoodrich® tires?

Just great. I had to get used to them first as they are tougher than my former ones, but we have not had a single problem with the tires. BFGoodrich® will definitely be my tires of choice for the future. We have had a lot of support from the brand. They provided us with great technical and financial support. Most importantly, they shared with us their racing experience and enabled us to get very close to top-notch racers such as Nani Roma who was really kind to us and helped us a lot with his seasoned advice.

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