BFGoodrich® spells it out…

Benjamin Franklin Goodrich founded the American tire manufacturer BFGoodrich® in 1870. The ten letters that make up the company’s name spell out the qualities that are vital for anyone who wants to be competitive on the Dakar, the world’s most famous cross-country rally on which the brand is targeting a 14th victory in 2018…

B for… Brainy: Knowing exactly where you are in the middle of an ocean of sand dunes calls for keen intelligence and an infallible sense of direction. The cars are fitted with GPS systems but their capacity is downgraded in order to place the emphasis on compass use and ensure an authentic experience. Navigation skills can and do make a big difference.

F for… Focus: An error at any stage of the South American marathon can prove extremely costly, so crews need to remain fully concentrated from start to finish.

G for… Gutsy: As the most demanding competition of its kind, the Dakar calls for real bravery to overcome the difficulties inherent in the hostile deserts and other types of exacting terrain visited by the rally.

O for… Organized: Reaching the finish of the Dakar – which is naturally the objective of every competitor – necessitates flawless organisation and constant coordination between the driver, co-driver and their team.

O for… Open-minded: The three countries visited by the 2018 Dakar feature a stunning array of landscapes and a variety of cultures. To make the very most of the experience, it is important to keep an open mind and adapt to local customs.

D for… Determined: Determination is essential on the Dakar. A combination of courage and sacrifice is vital if you want to reach the finish. Although nothing can ever be taken for granted, the sky’s the limit for competitors!

R for… Robust: The complex, unpredictable terrain competitors face over the two-week ordeal are mentally challenging for the drivers and co-drivers alike. It takes nerves of steel and gritty resolve to survive the event’s unrelenting rhythm.

I for… Intrepid: Once the event is under way, crews have to cope with one surprise after another as they traverse the interminable wastelands visited by the Dakar.

C for… Crazy: You’ve got to be just a little bit crazy to sign up for an adventure like the Dakar. No?

H for … Healthy: Given the significant temperature fluctuations and altitude differences crews face this year (from 0°C to 50°C, and five days of action at more than 3,000 metres above sea level this year), not to mention sleep deprivation, the Dakar can be physically exhausting. Crews need to be in perfect shape and fighting fit to endure the merciless two-week competition.

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