Dakar Official tire supplier

The American tyre brand BFGoodrich® is back as the official supplier to the Dakar in the cross-country event’s history.

Throughout the 2018 marathon, which will visit Peru, Bolivia and Argentina from January 6 to January 20, BFGoodrich® technicians will be on-hand to analyse the tires of the brand’s partner teams, in addition to providing advice on how to maximise their performance potential.

As part of its commitment, BFGoodrich® will also provide a tyre fitting and removal service at the event’s overnight halts. Its facilities will be located in the Dakar Service Center and will take the form of a mobile workshop manned by 10 experienced fitters. An estimated 2,500 fitting/removal operations will be carried out in the course of the rally.

The BFGoodrich® brand’s position as official supplier to the world’s second-biggest motorsport event mirrors its acclaimed expertise and dominant position in the off road tire market. The world-renowned rally enjoys an awareness-rate of 77 percent thanks to television coverage in 190 countries. The 2017 event attracted 4.5 million spectators and was followed by 2.3 million Facebook fans.

The BFGoodrich® Dakar Service Center

As an official supplier of the Dakar 2018, BFGoodrich® will roll out the BFGoodrich® Dakar Service Center, through which competitors will benefit from 24/7 technical expertise during the whole rally.

The Dakar Service Centre is a strategic place where the competitors and the entire Dakar caravan coordinate for the purpose of providing technical aid or comfort services at the bivouacs. The Dakar caravan is made up of 3,000 people (competitors, assistance, press, TV, organizers and VIPs).

A free service can be offered in the bivouacs; it should be open to everyone within the scope of the sponsor's contract.


The Dakar Service Center is open from15h00 to 23h00.
Set up is from 10 am to 3pm and dismantling starts from 11pm everyday. It may not be set up before the day the race arrives.

We can recommend service providers, should you require.
Please note that the layout of the sites and the type of ground change from one day to the next, so your material must be adaptable to all sorts of terrains and configurations.

As an official supplier, BFGoodrich will be in charge of Technical services :

  • Tyrechange/inflation
  • Gluing and miscellaneous repairs
  • Motorcycle lubricants/oils
  • Welding
  • Vehicle washing service
  • Assistance and advice for reading the roadbook
  • Motorcycle emptying service
  • Helmet visor change
  • Repair or adjustment of cervical protection

Crédits : ASO, World et DPPI