Tyres on Dakar

The 2019 Dakar will see BFGoodrich® provide its partners with a choice of two different types of tire.

Two types of BFGoodrich® tire will be available for the brand’s partners and amateur competitors to cover not only the technical characteristics of the different cars, but also the varied conditions competitors can expect to face in the course of their two-week 5,000km ordeal in Peru.

The Dakar is a formidable challenge for tires which need to contend with a uniquely challenging cocktail of sand dunes, different types of ground, sharp stones and big temperature fluctuations due to the altitudes visited by the rally. It is because of features like this that cross-country rallying provides tire manufacturers with such a huge spectrum of information and feedback. BFGoodrich®’s engineers are effectively proud to have access to such a unique, extreme laboratory to optimise the characteristics of the brand’s next-generation all-terrain tires.

BFGoodrich has two types of tire available for its partners on the 2019 Dakar:

The BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A KDR2+: engineered to address the Dakar’s unique challenge

For the 41st running of the Dakar, BFGoodrich® will provide its partners with a tire that is capable of matching the staggering variety of conditions teams can expect. Designed for both two- and four-wheel drive cars and all types of driving style, the BFGoodrich® All Terrain T/A KDR2+ is available in a choice of two compounds (soft and medium) and two sizes, namely 16 inches (245/80-16) for all-wheel drive vehicles and 17 inches (37/12.5-17) for two-wheel-drive buggies.

Thanks to their unprecedented versatility, sand-clearance capacity and resistance to knocks, these tires will enable BFGoodrich®’s partners to hit the Dakar trail with complete confidence.

The BFGoodrich® KM3: a guest star on the 2019 Dakar

Launched mid-2018, the BFGoodrich® KM3 was designed for off-road fans. In addition to benefiting from experience acquired in real-world conditions, it packs several new technologies that combine to deliver superior performance.

The BFGoodrich® KM3 comes in a wide range of sizes which cover 75 percent of the market, with five more sizes due to follow for the increasingly buoyant SSV market in the course of 2019. Dakar participants will be able to inspect the BFGoodrich® KM3 at close quarters at the BFGoodrich® Dakar Service Center.