Dakar Official tire supplier

The American tyre brand BFGoodrich® is back as the official supplier to the Dakar in the cross-country event’s history.

Throughout the 41st Dakar (January 6-17), the route of which forms a loop through Peru, BFGoodrich® technicians will be on duty to analyze the tires of the brand’s partner teams, in addition to providing advice on how to make maximum use of their performance potential.

BFGoodrich® is once again an official supplier to the Dakar in 2019, an eloquent sign of the American brand’s unrelenting commitment.

BFGoodrich® will also provide a fitting and removal service at the event’s overnight bivouacs in the form of the Dakar Service Center, a travelling workshop manned by 10 experienced fitters. It is estimated that some estimated 2,500 fitting/removal operations will be carried out in the course of the rally.

BFGoodrich®’s status as official supplier to the world’s second-biggest motorsport event mirrors its acclaimed expertise and the dominant position it enjoys in the all-terrain tire market. With television coverage in 190 countries, the world-renowned Dakar enjoys an awareness-rate of 77 percent, while the 2018 event attracted 4.4 million spectators and was followed by 1.4 million Facebook fans.

The BFGoodrich® Dakar Service Center

The BFGoodrich® Dakar Service Center: a premium service at every overnight halt for all competitors

As official supplier to the 2019 Dakar, BFGoodrich® is offering all competitors a comprehensive range of services thanks to the BFGoodrich Dakar Service Center which operates daily from 3pm to 11pm. Erecting the facility begins every morning at 10am and it is dismantled once the evening’s work has been completed, allowing BFGoodrich®’s staff to drive on to the next day’s bivouac.


How it works…

This unique facility provides competitors with the following services:

  • Tire removal, fitting and repairs (irrespective of brand),
  • Availability of motorcycle lubricants,
  • Welding,
  • Vehicle cleaning,
  • Roadbook interpretation-related assistance and advice,
  • Oil changes (motorcycles),
  • Helmet visor replacement,
  • HANS device adjustment and repairs.

BFGoodrich®’s technical experts are also on hand to chat with competitors, help them analyze their tire wear, assist with strategy matters and recommend tire pressures for the following day’s action.

Around 2,500 tire fitting and removal operations are expected to be carried out in the course of the 2019 Dakar by a team of around 10 technicians. The invaluable technical feedback collected from competitors is almost systematically relayed back to the Michelin Group’s Research and Development facility in Ladoux, near Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Crédits : ASO, World et DPPI