Toby Price: Every time I've made it to the end I've been on the podium

The Australian was injured during all of 2017 but has made a more than convincing comeback to the competition with a third-placed finish.Three podiums is really amazing. After the year I had, it’s a dream come true, for sure. It was rough, but with twelve months under our belt we’ll be ready to go for the next one. I didn’t even expect this finish. A lot of people didn’t even expect me to be at the start line. I knew I’d be at the start line, but I didn’t know what shape I would be in. Twelve weeks ago it was looking pretty grim. Six weeks ago I started training and riding. It’s a steep curve again. I seem to enjoy these steep curves to get back to where I need to be. It’s never any fun, but we’re really happy to be here and get a third place. Every time I’ve crossed the finishing line and made it to the end, I’ve been on the podium, so I’m really happy with this. I’m already looking forward to the next one. To have twelve months off and not do any road-books, navigation or any races at all and then come straight back into the biggest race of the year… on the toughest one in years as well. This is the fourth one I’ve started and this has been the toughest one of the lot. They're definitely not making it any easier on us. We were just trying to get through and do what we can. The new bike that KTM have come up with is an amazing bit of equipment. I think that's what has made the job a little bit easier for me. I've got the beach body now to head back home to Australia and lie on the beach for two weeks solid. But then we'll get back to training, hook in and come back. Hopefully it will be bigger and better things next year.